Climb Stats

Location: Cordillera Real, Bolivia
Altitude: 6,088m / 19,974ft
Date Summited: August 13th, 2013
Guiding Company: Alberth Tours
Guides Teo
Climbing Partners: None

Huayna Potosi summit at sunrise


Located about 25kms north of La Paz in the Cordillera Real, Huayna Potosi is the closest high mountain to La Paz, a city surrounded by high mountains, and itself is the highest capital city in the world. Huayna Potosí is roughly fifteen miles due north of the city, which makes this mountain the most popular climb in Bolivia. The normal ascent route is a fairly straightforward glacier climb, with some crevasses and a steep climb to the summit. However, the other side of the mountain, its West Face, is the biggest face in Bolivia. Several difficult snow and ice routes goes up this 1000 meter high face.